This project was made inside the Design Team of Weltmeister under the guidance of Zhen Sun (Sam Sun) with participation of all company design resourcing and CAS and clay suppliers (Launch Design) by outsource. The serious design work process started form November 2021 and finished in February 2022. The big challenge of the project was the creation outstanding EV performance with existing package and platform of W6 and production technologies of WM. Our common goal was making the flagship of the company using facelift approach, which is not an easy thing to do. Chasing the idea of the flagship SUV got a long front overhang which is unusual for EV cars. Using all restrictions, the team tried all the best to achieve the decent result. We considered the fact as well of existing Xpeng and Li Auto SUV models — the main competitors in term of styling at that time on the market. Thus, design team pushed forward to make the external look of the vehicle more distinctive and different.

The all new W6 was implied as a deep facelift modification. It got some certain updates in exterior which related to the functional features and new stylistic points. Mainly, the big changes touched front and rear parts and new lamp design.

W6 has acquired more assured appearance because of the high hood line position. In term of design the composition of the front SUV face is multi-layered. The first layer consists of the upper horizontal DRL bar and separated high/low beam lamps flanked on the corners. The second layer is a big wide colour brake strip begins from the hood and falls to the lower grill. This black stripe refers to M7 model of WM which has the same graphic element on the hood. The entire shape of the front is solid, dominant, powerful and looks like a nose of the big ship or icebreaker. Moreover, front has the diagonal feature surfaces which are started from the bottom bumper line and converged to the upper point where is the brand-new logo located. The size and the design of WM logo on SUV has changed as well. Another important feature element is hooked curve on the front and rear end which extends visually the width of the car. All these design elements make the whole volume of the vehicle very proud and stable.

As for the light signature SUV has got original view. The idea of that comes from the vertical, «jumping» bars of the WM logo. The character of these bars is clearly seen as in the front as in the rear. Vertical bars of the DRL module and guiding light are connected by horizontal line.

Optionally, the facelifted SUV has new design of the rims; rear mirrors; roof antenna and rear spoiler. This vehicle has the main lidar and cameras mounted on the roof which functionally make the car more competitive. Additionally, there are two side lidars and cameras on the front fenders of SUV.

As a result of the project the design team created the full-size demonstrational clay model with working lamps mock-ups and wrapped body with DYNOC film and installed new rims design. Besides of that, we prepared presentation images of W6 facelift and explanation posters of new cameras and lidars mounted above the roof and integrated with front wheel arches.

Thanks to all members of the project, who participated and supported that difficult and tough job.